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    StarTech Mobile Sit-Stand Workstation

    Manufacturer: StarTech
    Encourage interactive classrooms and engaged learning with mobile sit-stand workstations. These sit-stand desks allow students to set up their learning environments to suit their needs. The workstations can easily be adjusted from a sitting position to a standing position with no disruptions to the class. Teachers can arrange and rearrange their classrooms according to their lessons, they can set up individual desks for tests or lectures, or group two or more desks together for projects. The two front casters can be locked in place to prevent the workstations from moving.
    Manufacturer part number: STSCART


    Simple height adjustments for individualized comfort
    • Moving between sitting and standing throughout the day brings many health benefits, from increased circulation to reduced fatigue. The sit-stand workstations make it easy for students to change their positioning throughout the day, keeping them attentive and focused. Giving students the freedom to stand when needed can also help to reduce anxiety and restlessness.

    Large work surface sized to fit student needs
    • The large surface area of the desktop, 24" (600 mm) x 31.5" (800 mm), provides ample room for all schoolwork and supplies such as textbooks, pens, and other stationery.

    Mobile desks, perfect for customizable classrooms
    • Teachers can create dynamic environments to accommodate different needs. They simply need to unlock the two front casters and move the workstations around the classroom to: Split students into groups for projects. Pull individuals aside for personalized one-on-one learning. Sit the students in a circle for presentations and to encourage group conversations. Set up a standard classroom configuration for lectures and tests


    • # of Displays Supported: 1
    • Cable Management: Yes
    • Casters: Included
    • Orientation: Vertical

    • General Specifications: 4.5 kg
    • Static Load Capacity: 50 kg
    • Height Adjustment: Yes
    • Maximum Height: 1150 mm
    • Minimum Height: 750 mm

    Physical Characteristics:
    • Color: Black & Silver
    • Product Height: 115 cm
    • Product Length: 60 cm
    • Product Width: 80 cm
    • Weight of Product: 24 kg


    • Note: If more than 10 lb. (4.5 kg) of weight is added to the desktop surface, some manual force will be needed to raise the desktop.