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    Dynabook USB-C to LAN with Power Delivery

    Manufacturers: Dynabook , Toshiba
    Dynabook Gigabit Ethernet Card for Notebook - 10/100/1000Base-T - Portable - USB 3.1 Type C - 1 Port(s) - 1 - Twisted Pair
    Manufacturer part number: PA5268U-1PRP
    Availability: In stock

    The Dynabook USB-C to LAN adapter lets you connect a laptop with a USB-C port to a wired network. This Gigabit Ethernet adapter supports PXE. Since it also has a USB-C port, you can also use your laptop's AC adapter to charge the laptop at the same time.

    • This Gigabit Ethernet card guarantees a replacement networking interface to client, server or workstation
    • This single port gigabit ethernet card enables you to connect your computer system to your existing network
    • Supports cost-efficient twisted pair cables for speedy data transfer up to 100 meters
    • With the 10/100/1000Base-T technology get up to 1000Mbps data transfer rate over the twisted pair cable