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    Twelve South ParcSlope for MacBook, Laptops & iPad

    Manufacturer: Twelve South
    Twelve South ParcSlope for MacBook, Laptops & iPad
    Manufacturer part number: TW-2016
    Availability: In stock

    The Twelve South ParcSlope is a dramatic redesign of their hybrid stand that elevates your device screen higher – while tilting it at desk level for more comfortable typing and drawing. With laptops, this gives you the extra screen height you need, without giving up the use of your device keyboard or trackpad. When used with iPad, ParcSlope securely tilts your iPad at an 18-degree angle, which makes everything from annotating an image in Notes to sketching in Paper with Apple Pencil feel more natural and comfortable. ParcSlope features an innovative design update to offer more flexibility between devices. Integrated cable management keeps all your cables and connections nearby, while a top silicone ridge is the perfect perch to store Apple Pencil when not in use.

    • Raises the screen to a more comfortable eye level
    • Angles the iPad for sketching and creative work
    • Increases cooling and airflow around your device
    • Cable management keeps connections handy and accessible