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    Kensington Trolley Wheels for Secure Cabinet Trolley

    Manufacturer: Kensington
    When it’s more convenient to move your tablets to the users than have the users come to the tablets, there’s no better solution than the Secure Cabinet Trolley. Designed to hold up to two Kensington Charge & Sync Cabinets, Universal Tablet, the trolley allows you to mount the cabinets directly to the platform for a secure ride. The trolley has freespinning wheels so it can be rolled in any direction for greater versatility, with dual pedal locks that severely limit the trolley’s ability to move when engaged. And with each cabinet holding up to 10 tablets, the trolley lets you easily transport 20 tablets at a time.
    SKU: 67909-WA
    Manufacturer part number: 67909


    • Four rubber wheels allow trolley to spin and roll in any direction.
    • Locking pedals on two front wheels ensures trolley won’t roll out of position.
    • Mounting platform allows you to secure Charge & Sync Cabinet - Universal Tablet (67862) directly to trolley.
    • Two cabinets can be stacked on trolley so up to 20 tablets can be moved at a time.

    Extended Features:

    Free-Spinning Rubber Wheels
    The trolley can be rolled in any direction and rotates 360 degrees, making it extremely easy to maneuver in tight spaces. The rubber wheels provide a smooth ride.

    Dual Wheel Locks
    Placed on the two front wheels, the foot pedals can be engaged with a simple push downward, locking the wheels to severely limit movement. Lift the pedal to unlock, and the wheels once again move freely.

    Mounting Platform
    The base has four screw holes that allow you to secure the Universal Tablet Cabinet directly to the trolley.

    Double Cabinet Capacity
    The trolley allows you to stack and mount two cabinets on top of each other, giving you the opportunity to easily move up to 20 tablets at a time.