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    LEGO Education SPIKE – Technic Large Hub Battery

    Manufacturer: Lego
    Technic Large Hub Battery
    SKU: LEG45610
    Manufacturer part number: LEG45610

    The LEGO Technic Large hub Battery is a rechargeable battery for use with the Technic Large Hub. This is a great battery with a high capacity that can be charged while fitted to the hub using a micro USB cable, and can also be easily removed without the need for tools.

    This battery is a replacement for the battery included in the LEGO Education SPIKE Set (LEG45678). Key features: High-capacity 2,000 mAh, lithium-ion battery for extended use between charges.

    Key features:

    • 2100 mAH rechargeable battery
    • Special form factor to fit the Technic Large Hub
    • Charges inside the Hub via micro USB cable
    • Can be easily removed from the Hub without the use of tools