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    Kensington SafeDome Secure ClickSafe Keyed Lock - For iMac

    Manufacturer: Kensington
    A computer as sleek as the iMac deserves a lock just as stylish. The Kensington SafeDome Secure delivers with a dome design that compliments the iMac's aesthetics. But SafeDome is more than just a pretty face. It features the revolutionary ClickSafe lock that secures in just one click with our Ultra cable for the highest level of security in public environments. And SafeDome also helps clean up your desktop by managing your iMac accessories securing your mouse, keyboard and other peripherals.
    Manufacturer part number: 64962
    Availability: In stock
    The SafeDome lock was cleverly designed to maximize security while preserving the features you love about your iMac. It attaches easily with flexible lock placement and no alteration of the workstation. Best of all, the SafeDome preserves all screen adjustment functions.

    The SafeDome comes with everything you need to secure an iMac and peripherals and can be assembled in minutes. Simply loop the cable around a table leg or other anchor, click the lock head on to the ClickSafe anchor and your iMac is secure. With the Kensington SafeDome, iMac security is a beautiful thing.


    • Dome design complements iMac aesthetics
    • ClickSafe lock secures with just one clickno keys and no fiddling
    • Ultra cable provides the highest level of security
    • Easy to position and assemble lock
    • Sleek, modern dome design securely attaches to iMac stand
    • Built-in cable management secures iMac accessories
    • Wont interfere with iMac adjustability


    • UPC: 5028252363617
    • Best For: Desktop PCs
    • Features: ClickSafe┬« Security Anchor
    • Lock Management: Standard
    • Lock Type: Keyed
    • Screen Size: 21"/53.4cm, 27"/68.5cm