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    Root iRobot Class Kit

    Manufacturer: iRobot
    Root iRobot Class Kit
    SKU: RT001K
    Manufacturer part number: RT001K

    This Root iRobot Class Kit includes 6 Root Robots (RT001), 6 Brick tops (RT002), 2 Whiteboard Grid mats (TEB6255) and a set of 672 colourful bricks (BTY050) to build endless creations.

    iRobot Root brings code to life through art, music, maths, and hands-on activities. Its combination of over 30 features and sensors, and long-lasting battery and diverse programming platform make this an ideal educational robot. This robot draws, plays music, lights up and can even run on a magnetic whiteboard! Featuring three progressive Learning Levels, the iRobot Coding app provides a personalised coding experience designed to continually evolve with your skills. With an extensive learning library, you will never be done learning!

    The Root iRobot is equipped with a wide range of programmable sensors and motors; it can drive, draw and erase pen marks, play music, has a colour and light sensor, and programmable buttons at the top. It has front bumpers and programmable LED’s and can climb a magnetic surface. It also comes with sensors to avoid it falling off an edge. The robot is rechargeable for easy charging. Included is one Root robot, 1 charging cable, 1 set of vinyl stickers, a reusable fold-out whiteboard, microfiber cloth and 2 dry-erase markers.

    Sensors & Output:
    32x Colour sensors
    4x Capacitive touch zones
    2x Front bumpers
    2x Light-sensing eyes
    2x Wheel encoders
    1x Power button
    1x 3D gyroscope
    1x 3D accelerometer
    1x IR cliff sensor
    1x Battery level monitor
    2x Drive motors
    4x Large multicolour LEDs
    1x Piezoelectric speaker
    1x Marker lift & drop motor
    1x Eraser lift & drop motor

    Use the Root Brick Top accessory to turn your Root coding robot into just about anything you can imagine. Power your creations using Root and explore the art of engineering. The Brick Top is compatible with common building blocks. Build personalised characters with the colourful bricks set included in this kit.

    Why iRobot Root?

    • With three coding levels, Root is suitable for pre-readers to advanced coders
    • Change between coding levels within one program to gradually move from one to the next
    • An extensive lesson library is available
    • Free online simulator for when a robot is not at hand
    • Root climbs on magnetic whiteboard for in front of class demonstrations
    • A wealth of programmable sensors and outputs
    • Cross-curricular content