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    LEGO Education SPIKE Prime - Robocup Junior Rescue Pack

    Manufacturer: RoboCup
    Robocup Junior Rescue Pack -SPIKE Prime
    SKU: RCJ45678-R
    Manufacturer part number: RCJ45678-R

    Please note: we are experiencing delivery delays for the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Expansion Set V2 (LEG45681). This item won’t be in stock until July 2022.

    This kit consists of: 1x SPIKE Prime (LEG45678), 1x SPIKE Expansion Set (LEG45681), 1x Robocup Junior Rescue Field (ROB009), 2x Rotacaster Wheel (ROT5435). *LEGO Education SPIKE Prime is the STEAM learning tool for students in grades 5-8, with a focus on developing skills in creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. Combining new and familiar building elements in a refreshing new colour scheme, easy-to-use hardware, and intuitive drag-and-drop coding language based on Scratch, SPIKE Prime continuously engages students through playful learning activities to think critically and to solve complex problems – regardless of their learning level.

    LEGO Education SPIKE Prime offers four units, each with a specific theme focus. All units are designed to develop critical thinking skills through complex, engaging and personally relevant STEAM challenges. The lessons within each unit will become increasingly challenging and all include teacher support, introduction videos, curriculum links, extension exercises and more. The SPIKE App, based on the most widely used programming language in teaching – Scratch – can be used on both iOS and Android tablets, and Windows 10.

    What’s in the Box?

    • 1 Large motor and 2 medium motors
    • Distance sensor, force sensor and colour sensors
    • Programmable hub, featuring a 5×5 LED matrix, 6 input/output ports, integrated 6-axis gyro sensor, speaker, Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable battery (charged via USB cable, included in the set)
    • Sturdy storage box with 2 sorting tray, over 500 LEGO Technic and System elements in a fresh colour palette

    This modular robotics Robocup Junior Rescue Course has been designed to allow schools to have an almost completely out of the box ready challenge for students which also meets the course specifications necessary to prepare for the RCJA Rescue Competition.

    This set includes 29 tiles (1 tile measures 60 x 60cm and 28 double-sided tiles measuring 30 x 30cm), 4 ramps (30×31.4cm, printed on both sides), risers to create different levels and heights within the course, reusable colour stickers (4x4cm) and a variety of pins and plugs.

    The modular nature of this course kit allows you to create new challenges over and over again. Reorganise the order of the tiles, the colour stickers and the risers to be prepared for all different situations at robotics competitions. The colour stickers are used on the course to give directions at black line intersections.

    These rotacasters or omniwheels are multi-directional wheels with LEGO® compatible hub. Excel in robotic mobility by enabling ultimate manoeuvrability easily. Ideal for use in Robocup Junior Events. Diameter is 50mm, 35A durometer. A softer, grippier roller compound. 5kg load bearing capacity.