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    Razer Kiyo Pro - USB Camera with High-Performance Adaptive Light Sensor

    Manufacturer: Razer
    Manufacturer part number: RZ19-03640100-R3M1
    Availability: In stock

    High-performance adaptive light sensor for superior imaging in any lighting condition   

    The webcam is driven by a larger Type 1/2.8 ultra-sensitive CMOS sensor with STARVIS???* technology that adapts to any lighting condition, ensuring picture-perfect clarity for any setup. 

    Uncompressed 1080p 60FPS for absolute video fidelity

    With the highest fidelity that comes with uncompressed Full HD 1080p 60FPS video, your stream will be more engaging and natural to watch with smooth, lifelike quality. 

    Wide-angle lens with adjustable FOV to control how much to capture for your audience

    Find the right amount of visual space you need to display your showmanship, with a large aperture, wide-angle lens that allows for three field-of-view options selectable via Razer Synapse. 

    HDR-enabled for more vibrant colors at 30FPS

    Make your stream pop with a full spectrum of vibrant colors by activating HDR at 30FPS, which ramps up your video???s dynamic range while correcting over and underexposed areas. 

    Lightning-fast USB 3.0 to support uncompressed video quality

    With its plug-and-play USB 3.0 connection, the Razer Kiyo Pro delivers a powerful 5GB/s camera signal to your stream, allowing for maximized video performance with no compression whatsoever. 

    Flexible mounting options for ideal webcam placement

    The stable webcam mount sits snugly on your monitor and can be tilted up or down to find the perfect angle, but can also be detached if you prefer the webcam to be on a tripod setup.