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    Kensington Monitor Mount One-Touch Height Adjustable Dual Monitor

    Manufacturer: Kensington
    Kensington Monitor Mount K59601WW One-Touch Height Adjustable Dual Monitor
    Manufacturer part number: K59601WW
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    With SmartFit®, finding the proper monitor height for maximum comfort as easy as 1-2-3. Simply match your hand size to the colour on the provided chart, set the height to your colour and you're done.

    Cable management system

    The product's cable management system organises and conceals cables while the arms lift your dual monitors up and out of the way, decluttering and clearing valuable desk space at once.

    Heavy duty, stability focused design

    The Kensington SmartFit® One-Touch Height Adjustable Dual Monitor Arm is stable in every position, supporting a 13'-34'' flat or curved monitors weighing up to 9kg (19.8lbs).