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    StarTech ACCSMNT Thin Client Mount - VESA Mounting Bracket

    Manufacturer: StarTech
    This thin-client mounting bracket provides an excellent space-saving solution, by letting you mount your thin-client PC or docking station to create a clutter-free workspace.
    Manufacturer part number: ACCSMNT

    Multiple installation methods

    The versatile double-sided VESA mount offers several installation options, enabling you to mount your thin-client PC or dock to the back of your monitor or under your desktop, or clamp it to a monitor-mount pole. The mount supports 75x75, and 100x100 VESA mount compatibility, making it suitable for most monitors and monitor mounts.

    Store a variety of products

    This adjustable mount is ideal for holding an IntelĀ® NUC, Mac Mini, most small CPUs, thin clients, docking stations, or USB hubs that fit within the width adjustability of the mount (.7" to 2.8" / 17 mm to 70 mm). The mount can support up to 11 lb. (5 kg). It also features an adjustable strap to help keep your devices secure, and rubber pads to secure products with non-parallel surfaces.

    Unrestricted Access

    The open-frame design of the mount allows unrestricted access to your computer.


    • Create a clutter-free work space in office, business, commercial and institutional environments
    • Enhance your home office by maximizing your desktop space