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    Microsoft Ergonomic Wired Keyboard

    Manufacturer: Microsoft
    Manufacturer part number: LXM-00015
    Availability: In stock

    All-day typing comfort

    Refined design with split keyboard, improved cushion, palm rest, and time-saving dedicated shortcut keys.

    Best-in-class comfort

    Work all day, with reduced risk of fatigue and injury, on our ergonomist-approved design.

    Excellent support

    Improved cushion and ergonomically tested palm rest covered in premium fabric provides all-day comfort and promotes a neutral wrist posture.

    Built-in shortcuts

    Be more productive with dedicated function keys for Office 365, emojis, search, easy access to media controls and more.

    Crunch numbers fast

    Work quickly and efficiently with a dedicated integrated pad.

    • Connection interface

      Wired USB 2.0, low speed, Type A

    • Compatibility1

      Microsoft Windows 10

      Limited functionality Windows 8.1/7 (Office and Emoji keys have no function)

    • Dimensions

      19.20 x 10.33 x 2.39 in (487.7 x 262.4 x 60.7 mm) with front tilt leg

    • Weight

      35.98 oz including cable (1020 g) with front tilt leg

    • Color


    • Warranty

      1-year limited warranty

    • Technology details

      Hot key features: Favorite keys (1/2/3), media keys (Mute/Vol+/Vol-/Music/Previous Track, Play/Pause/Next Track), Calculator, Snipping, TaskView, SysLock, Search

    • Product feature performance

      Customizable features:1 Favorite keys reassignment; media keys reassignment; LED indicator management (NumLk, Caps Lk, ScrollLk); Enable/Disable Application key; Emoji key reassignment (can only be assigned to Application key)