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    Makeblock - mBot2 - Set of 8

    Manufacturer: Makeblock
    Makeblock - mBot2 - Set of 8
    SKU: MB10132-8
    Manufacturer part number: MB10132-8

    This set includes 8 x Makeblock – mBot2 (MB10132).

    Introducing Makeblock’s mBot2! The mBot2 is a next-generation educational robot designed with extended capabilities, starting as an entry-level solution and going all the way to upper high school and beyond. Educators can carry out very interactive and smart lessons for the class.

    mBot2 is powered by CyberPi, an educational microcontroller enhanced with network capabilities, built-in sensors and much more. mBot2 is designed to carry out interactive lessons that are reflecting real-world applications with cutting-edge technologies, including robotics, AI, IoT and Data Science. With CyberPi, students can connect multiple mBots to create a local network of robots that comunicate between themselves, share information, and perform tasks.

    When connected to the Internet, mBot2 can perform advanced features such as speech recognition, and get information such as weather updates at the destination.

    With mBlock’s enhanced coding learning experience, mBot 2 allows students and educators to begin with the block-based coding approach, and seamlessly transition into object-oriented coding with Python, all in the same environment. Teachers can remotely manage their activities in mBlock with Google Classroom.

    Key Features:

    • Powered by CyberPi – a powerful and versatile microcontroller for education
    • Program with block-based coding and progress to text-based Python
    • Precision Control – The encoder motors in mBot2 can be precisely controlled by their rotation, speed and position
    • Enhanced and durable – mBot2 comes with the next-generation sensors and motors which are developed with education in mind
    • Ideal for robotics competitions
    • Built-in long-lasting battery
    • Extension electronic modules can be connected in series. There is no limit to the number of electronic extension modules supported.

    Tech Specs:

    • Inputs and onboard sensors:
      • 5-way joystick
      • 2x Button
      • Reset button
      • Light sensor
      • Microphone (with sound-sensor like functionality)
      • Gyroscope-accelerometer
    • Outputs:
      • 1.44″ full colour display
      •  Speaker
      • 5x RGB LED
    • Additional included modules:
      • Ultrasonic sensor
      • Quad RGB sensor
    • Wireless communication:
      • Bluetooth
      • Wi-Fi
      • Wi-Fi LAN
    • mBot2 Shield includes:
      • Built-in rechargeable battery
      • Two ports for encoder motors
      • Two ports for DC motors
      • Four ports for servo motors
        • some of the servo ports can connect to LED strips or Arduino analogue/digital sensors
    • Compatibility:
      • mBlock available for PC, Tablet and Browser, and compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux and Chromebook
      • micro:Python (upload mode): Windows, OSX, Linux, Chromebook, Web
      • Python 3 (live mode): Windows, OSX, Linux, Web

    In the box per mBot2:

    • 1 × CyberPi
    • 1 × mBot2 Shield
    • 1 × USB Cable (type-C)
    • 1 × Ultrasonic Sensor
    • 1 × Chassis
    • 1 × Quad RGB Sensor
    • 2 × Encoder Motor
    • 2 × Motor Cable
    • 2 × Wheel Hub
    • 2 × Slick Tyre
    • 1 × Mini Wheel
    • 1 × Screwdriver
    • 1 × Line-following Track Map
    • 2 × mBuild Cable (10cm)
    • 1 × mBuild Cable (20cm)
    • 6 × M4*25mm Screw
    • 6 × M4*14mm Screw
    • 6 × M4*8mm Screw
    • 4 × M2.5*12mm Screw

    Software Overview
    Students become confident coders while they transition from block-based to text-based coding at their own pace.

    A block-based programming language designed to help students understand the key concepts
    of programming, by dragging and dropping code blocks.

    A seamless transition from block-based programming to microPython encourages
    students to learn high-level object-oriented languages. With just one click students can see the
    relationship between block-based and text-based coding.

    Python 3
    Explore powerful text-based programming in AI, IoT and Data Science and become a true problem solver and independent thinker.