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    Makeblock - CyberPi Go Kit - Set of 4

    Manufacturer: Makeblock
    Makeblock - CyberPi Go Kit - Set of 4
    SKU: MB30156-4
    Manufacturer part number: MB30156-4

    This set includes 4 x  CyberPi Go Kits. Designed for every student to learn about Computer Science and STEAM. CyberPi is a single-board computer fully packed with advanced electronic sensors, actuators and communication modules. It is one of the best tools for teaching Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Networks and the Internet of Things.

    The device is powerful, yet affordable and suitable for every classroom. In combination with our impressive mBlock coding editor, it supports Block-based coding language and the text-based programming language Python. Using CyberPi’s Pocket Shield it can connect to a lot of third party electronic components, making it suitable for various classroom settings and learning scenarios. This kit includes 1x CyberPi, 1x Pocket Shield and 1x USB-C cable.

    Key Features:

    • Coding: An integrated solution for teaching with both hardware and software in multiple coding languages
    • Powerful: CyberPi can be used to teach a variety of subjects including AI, Data Science, Networks and IoT
    • Flexible: CyberPi together with the Pocket Shield is compatible with mBuild models and a lot of 3rd party electronic components
    • 1.44” full-colour display brings data science into classrooms and makes learning outcomes visible
    • Onboard microphone and speaker enable basic natural language processing
    • Built-in Wi-Fi module facilitates IoT- based and LAN-based innovations and applications that are closely related to daily life
    • Create motion-controlled games to fuel creativity and fun in the classroom 
    • Teach and learn Python, which is a leap toward AI age
    • Python made easier for almost any learners and creators
    • Greater expansion capabilities make creation unlimited