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    Makeblock - AI & IoT Scientist Add-on Pack for mBot2 & CyberPi

    Manufacturer: Makeblock
    Makeblock – AI and IoT Scientist Add-on Pack for mBot2 & CyberPi
    SKU: MB10205
    Manufacturer part number: MB10205

    The Scientist Add-on Pack is suitable for teaching robotics, programming and natural science. The pack contains 18 mBuild electronic modules including speakers and motors, that are programmable in both block-based and Python languages. The set also includes 8 packs of accessories, serving the needs of creative programming classes.

    The Scientist Add-on Pack includes 18 electronic modules and 7 accessory packs, including speaker, motor, servo, LED Strips, LED Ring, LED matrix, water pump, ranging sensor, slider, light sensor, soil moisture sensor, joystick, temperature sensor, MQ2 gas sensor, humiture sensor, flame sensor, magnetic sensor, extend module, and a rechargeable lithium battery.


    • Offer over 10 different mBuild electronic modules, which can be applied in robot building and programming teaching
    • Programmable in block-based and Python languages, supporting AI education and application with mBlock
    • Include commonly-used electronic modules, accessories and tools used in example projects