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    Kensington MagPro Magnetic Privacy Screen Filter for 23.8" Monitors

    Manufacturer: Kensington
    The patented MagPro Magnetic Privacy Screen Filter for Monitors 3.8” (16:9) can be attached and removed quickly and easily, offering best-in-class privacy protection. An ideal solution for slim bezel or edge-to-edge displays.
    Manufacturer part number: K58356WW
    Availability: In stock


    Patented Design
    Slim magnetic strip allows for quick and easy attachment and removal of privacy screen filter.

    Excellent Solution for Slim Bezel or Edge-to-Edge Displays
    Unique design allows for unobstructed viewing.

    Limited Viewing Angle
    Narrows the field of vision to +/- 30 degrees, helping you keep the information on your screen private and reducing the chances of a visual data breach.

    Blue Light Reduction and Low Reflective Coating
    Filters out harmful blue light rays by up to 22%, easing eye strain and reducing the chances of interrupting sleep patterns. Coating reduces glare for improved clarity.

    Reversible Viewing
    One side has a matte finish to maximise glare reduction and reduce traces of fingerprints. The other side is glossy and provides a clearer view of the monitor.


    • Display Type Supported: LCD
    • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    • Display Size Supported: 60.5 cm (23.8")
    • Widescreen: Yes