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    Kensington Carrying Case Sleeve for 14.4" Notebook - Black

    Manufacturer: Kensington
    Kensington LS440 Carrying Case Sleeve for 14.4" Notebook - Black
    Manufacturer part number: 62619
    Availability: In stock

    The LS440 Sleave from Kensington can conveniently hold a 14" laptop, tablet, or similarly sized device. The thin sleeve fits tightly around your laptop or tablet and the soft interior material protects your device from cosmetic damage such as scratches. There are internal straps which can be placed around the top and bottom corners of your device to keep it securely in place. When in use, these corner straps will cause an item with a cover, such as a laptop, to open as you open the sleeve.

    • This sleeve is compatible with most 14" laptops, tablets, or similarly sized devices
    • Soft material on the inside of the sleeve can protect your laptop from cosmetic blemishes such as scratches
    • Four internal elastic straps keep your device secure and enable it to open when you unzip and open the sleeve