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    Logitech RoomMate

    Manufacturer: Logitech
    Logitech RoomMate Purpose-built computing appliance for video conferencing rooms
    Manufacturer part number: 950-000088
    Availability: In stock

    Simply Dedicated
    With computing power and video conferencing software together in a dedicated appliance, makes it easy to deploy Zoom Rooms Appliances, Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android, and others with Logitech conferencecams like Rally Plus.

    Appliances Go Large
    In your small and medium rooms, the all-in-one Rally Bar Mini and Rally Bar appliances offer exceptionally easy setup and management. Now, you can bring that same convenience to your large meeting rooms by deploying RoomMate together with Rally Plus, Logitech’s premium modular conference camera system for rooms with up to 46 seats.

    Power, With Connections
    In a sleek, low-profile form factor, Logitech RoomMate delivers all the power you need for HD video conferencing in rooms with one or two displays.

    Flexible, Neat, Secure
    Mount Logitech RoomMate out of sight and out of harm’s way while locking down cables to keep connections tight. The optional mount supports discreet installation and cable retention behind displays, inside cabinets, and under tables.

    Simple to Manage
    With your preferred dashboard such as Zoom Device Management, Microsoft Teams Admin Center, and Logitech Sync, you can monitor and manage together with the conference camera, touch controller, and other meeting room devices.

    Device Management Technology Partners
    Our integration with partner solutions and dashboards means you can easily manage your devices in other platforms.