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    Wacom Link Kit USB-C to USB3.0 and Mini Displayport PN

    Manufacturer: Wacom
    Tap into the power of your Mac or PC by connecting it to Wacom MobileStudio Pro with Wacom Link. Use either the USB Type-C connector (for best performance) or the Mini DisplayPort and standard USB port, with cables included to connect.
    Manufacturer part number: ACK-427-19-Z
    Availability: In stock

    The Wacom MobileStudio Pro can be connected to an existing computer for use in 'desktop mode'. This allows it to be used as a computer monitor with pen and touch input similar to a Cintiq.

    For computers that do not have USB-C connectivity the Wacom Link accepts a USB-A and mini DisplayPort input, then outputs these as a combined USB-C data and video signal into the Wacom MobileStudio Pro, allowing the Wacom MobileStudio Pro to be used in desktop or Cintiq mode.

    The Wacom Link will also function as a USB-A hub.