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    LEGO Education SPIKE Essential - Set of 15 & 2x 10-Port Charger

    Manufacturer: Lego
    LEGO Education SPIKE Essential - Set of 15 and 2x 10
    SKU: LEG45345-15SC
    Manufacturer part number: LEG45345-15SC

    This kit includes: 15x LEGO Education SPIKE Essential (LEG45345), 2x 120W 10Port USB charger, 1x Ergerite – Storage Trolley – Double (SUN832) and Ergerite – Storage Trolley – Triple (SUN833).* LEGO Education SPIKE Essential gets primary school students excited about hands-on STEAM learning. This 449-piece set comes with 4 mini-figures with their own personalities, who act as storytellers to make problem-solving relatable to all students. Icon- and word-based block coding with simple hardware, including: 2 Small Motors, a 3×3 Colour Light Matrix, a Colour Sensor, and an intelligent Small Hub with 2 I/O ports, Bluetooth connectivity, 6-axis gyro and a rechargeable Li-ion battery with micro USB charging and connection port.

    The set also includes a colourful selection of LEGO bricks, replacement elements, and a durable storage box with color-coded sorting trays to ease the building process and classroom management. Part of the LEGO Learning System, SPIKE Essential offers 5 units of 8 x 45-minute, standards-aligned STEAM lessons. Each lesson includes comprehensive online lesson plans with maths and language arts extensions. To further build teachers’ confidence and prepare them for successful STEAM teaching using the LEGO Learning System, SPIKE Essential is supported by a comprehensive professional development program.

    Key Features:

    • Develop computational thinking skills, including creating and modifying sequences, testing, debugging, and using loops
    • Explore the engineering design process, including defining a problem, brainstorming solutions, and testing and refining prototypes
    • Investigate the scientific concepts of energy, energy transfer, and collision
    • Strengthen oral communication skills as students discuss their experiences collaboratively
    • Engage in narrative-based problem-solving
    • Develop social-emotional language by helping a main story character solve a problem

    The 120W 10 Port USB Charger is perfect for all your charging needs, from phones to tablets, iPads and robots. It fits neatly into any classroom. The unit can charge 10 iPads simultaneously.

    **The double trolley measures 69cm wide x 42.5cm deep x 92cm high and can fit 6x LEGO Boxes. The triple storage trolley cart measures 70cm wide x 34cm deep x 87cm high and can fit 9x LEGO Boxes. These storage units are not suitable for the LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 sets (LEG45300).

    **We recommend to clean this furniture with a gentle cleaner on a moist cloth and dry thoroughly. Do not saturate the furniture and we do not recommend to use bleach or harsh cleaning agents. This furniture is for indoor use only and assembly is required. Do not drag or pull this furniture piece. If the unit has castors only move when the castors are unlocked. This will reduce the strength of the item and may void the warranty if misused. We always recommend to follow safe lifting procedures when moving our furniture and to regularly check that all screws and bolts are secure. Please note that this is the metal frame trolley only, it does not include any plastic trays.

    The Ergerite range of furniture is a cost effective and durable range purposefully designed for the classroom environment. The range includes a variety of different furniture pieces, including chairs, tables and storage systems. The Ergerite range includes furniture which is suitable for use in early childhood, prep and primary school classrooms. Excellent for creating flexible learning spaces and classrooms. This range has been designed with function, simplicity and durability in mind. this range includes a variety of finishes such as grey laminate, whiteboards, timber look laminate and powder coated metal. This natural and subtle colour palette is suitable for most learning environments.