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    Kensington SmartFit Spin2 Monitor Stand

    Manufacturer: Kensington
    Let the ergonomics innovator with over 20 years of expertise maximize your desktop space with this professional monitor stand. The patented, spinning multi-compartment storage area underneath the platform provides easy access to your most-used desktop tools and accessories. Measure, adjust and fit yourself with Kensington’s patented SmartFit System so you can customize your monitor height using our color-coded personal comfort system. Having your screen at eye level is such a better way to work. Our monitor stands help you avoid hunching over while you work at your desk. You also reduce twisting your spine and overextending your neck, which can lead to back and neck problems
    Manufacturer part number: 52787
    Availability: In stock


    • SmartFit® System lets you adjust monitor height to your personal comfort colour
    • Patented 360-degree spinning carousel organizes common desktop accessories
    • Stand positions monitor in line with your eyes to help reduce eye and neck strain
    • Small footprint helps conserve valuable desktop space
    • Platform fits most widescreen monitors up 18kg.

    Extended Features:

    SmartFit® System
    Allows you to dial in your ideal setting, with adjustable height options that you can match to your personal comfort color using the hand chart that’s included with your monitor stand

    360-Degree Spinning Carousel
    Patented multi-compartment area reduces desktop clutter by giving you rotating individual sections for quick and easy access to your desktop supplies like paper clips, sticky notes, staples, pens, and so much more

    Reduce Eye/Neck Strain
    By setting your monitor at the proper height that’s in line with your eyes, you can lower the chances you will suffer from aches and pain after spending long hours on the computer day after day

    Small Footprint
    Conserves your desktop space and offers an elegant look while providing a sturdy design that can hold a widescreen monitor up to 40 pounds