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    Kensington Mini-Saver Mobile Lock

    Manufacturer: Kensington
    The perfect security solution for modern ultra-thin devices like Ultrabooks and tablets that otherwise would be left vulnerable to theft. The MiniSaver features Cleat™ Locking Technology, which can be inserted into any device that includes either the Kensington Security Slot or the Kensington Mini Security Slot.
    Manufacturer part number: 67890
    Availability: In stock


    • Cleat™ Locking Technology uses retracting “claws” to create a strong connection between device and lock
    • Off-body main lock housing creates valuable port and jack space for your other device accessories
    • Simple push button action with one-handed operation allows Cleat to be inserted and locked into the security slot
    • Carbon steel cable is cut-resistant and anchors to desk, table or any fixed structure
    • Register & Retrieve™ program allows you to order replacement keys
    • TAA Compliant
    • Custom Keyed options available.

    Extended Features & Benefits:

    Cleat™ Locking Technology
    Retracting “claws” grab on to the internal sides of the security slot, creating a strong connection between the device’s shell and the lock, ensuring your device will still be there when you get back

    Pivot and Rotate Cable
    Special hinge creates great freedom of movement, eliminating awkward angles and allowing you to insert your key with complete ease

    Push-Button Design
    Allows for one-handed engagement into the laptop, quickly and easily attaching the lock inside the Kensington Security Slot™

    Cut-Resistant Cable
    Made of engineered carbon steel and sheathed in protective plastic, it offers the same level of cut-resistance and theft-resistance of much thicker cables while providing easier mobility

    Off-Body Lock
    A groundbreaking design, by moving the main lock housing away from the device, it creates greater flexibility so it won’t interfere with surrounding ports and jacks needed to support your accessories

    Register & Retrieve
    Kensington’s online key registration program that allows for quick, secure and easy key replacement if it ever gets lost or stolen