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    Kensington Microsaver Keyed Notebook Lock - 1.8m

    Manufacturer: Kensington
    Protect your notebook from theft by locking it down. T-Bar locking mechanism and super-strong carbon tempered steel cable provide maximum protection that attaches to the industry standard Kensington security slot found in 99% of notebooks.
    SKU: 64598-WA
    Manufacturer part number: 64598

    Strong Lock Head

    Tested against the most rigorous and thorough standards in the industry, the lock is tamper-resistant and will durably perform time after time

    Hidden Pin™ Technology

    Ensures the tubular lock cannot be picked by tampering with the circular area where the key is inserted

    T-Bar™ Locking Technology

    The trusted industry standard for more than 20 years and compatible with the Kensington Security Slot™ found in most laptops. The rotating bar securely attaches to the internal wall of the device for a premium level of security.

    Cut-Resistant Cable

    Made of engineered carbon steel and sheathed in protective plastic, it offers the same level of cut-resistance and theft-resistance of much thicker cables while providing easier mobility

    Register & Retrieve

    Kensington's online key registration program that allows for quick, secure and easy key replacement if it ever gets lost or stolen

    Key Features:

    • 6 ft, 5.5mm carbon strengthened steel cable anchors your notebook to a desk or immovable object
    • Attaches to 99% of notebooks with the T-Bar locking mechanism for superior strength
    • Built-in defense system guards against lock tampering
    • Safe Pro exceeds industry standards for tough security applications
    • Free Register & Retrieve™ on-line key registration for secure key replacement