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    Kensington Laptop Locking Station with MicroSaver 2.0 Keyed Laptop Lock

    Manufacturer: Kensington
    Engineered for laptops without built-in security slots, Kensington Laptop Locking Stations provide theft protection for thin laptops with no security slot, including MacBook, and most made by Dell, HP, and Lenovo.
    SKU: 64453-WA
    Manufacturer part number: 64453


    Professional-Level Design
    • Designed to provide a simple locking solution for laptops without security slots, the locking station offers a sleek, brushed aluminum locking station that provides access to side ports with flexibility to rotate, slide and tilt your laptop as desired. Complete with non-skid feet to prevent unwanted slipping, and contact pads to protect the shell of your laptop, the Laptop Locking Station 2.0 provides trusted theft protection with a high level of functionality.

    Non-Invasive Locking Technology
    • Requiring no hardware modifications to your laptop, the locking station secures your laptop to prevent theft while preserving your laptop’s aesthetics and hardware warranty.

    Adjustable Security Arms
    • Easily adjusts to accommodate MacBook and other thin 11”-15.6” laptops without built-in security slots. Securing your laptop is as easy as placing the laptop on the base, closing the arm, and locking.

    Scratch-Resistant Bumpers
    • Line the back wall and on the base of the locking station to protect your laptop from cosmetic damage

    MicroSaver 2.0 Keyed Laptop Lock
    • Verified and tested for industry-leading standards in torque/pull, foreign implements, lock lifecycle, corrosion, key strength and other environmental conditions, this lock stands the test of time in a smaller size without compromise.


    • Compatible with: 11”-15.6” Laptops, MacBook