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    HP Sure Key Cable Lock (multiple heads)

    Manufacturer: HP
    HP Cable Lock For Notebook, Monitor, Tablet, Docking Station - 1.83 m Cable - Galvanized Steel - For Notebook, Monitor, Tablet, Docking Station
    Manufacturer part number: 6UW42AA

    Truly universal locking
    Take the guess work out of securing your notebook, display, dock, and accessories with the removeable, interchangeable heads of the HP Sure Key Cable Lock.

    Frustration-free locking
    It's easier than ever to secure your multi-platform notebook and tablet fleet with one lock that works with the most common industry-standard lock slots.

    Loop and lock with one touch
    Deter tech theft by attaching the correct lock head to the 6 ft (1.83 m) galvanized steel cable and wrapping it around any fixed object. Insert the lock into your notebook, dock or tablet's lock slot1, and push the lock to secure.

    Streamline your cabling
    Use the lock's clip to cleanly organize your tech cables along with your device.