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    HP Pro Pen G1

    Manufacturer: HP
    HP Pro Pen G1- A durable digital pen that doubles as a mouse Take notes, navigate, draw, doodle, and edit onscreen with the resilient, multifunction, long-life HP Pro Pen.
    Manufacturer part number: 8JU62AA

    Clickable functions for easy onscreen interaction

    Use the active pen to select items and navigate and erase content with right-click, left-click, and double-click functions. Work without worry about wear and tear-the pen's cone tip is designed for minimal breakage.

    Long battery life keeps you productive over 11 months

    Work for almost a year on one set of AAAA batteries and conserve battery life with an automatic sleep mode that activates after two minutes of idle activity.

    A natural, comfortable writing experience

    Hold and write comfortably with an easy-grip texture and familiar length.

    Close at hand when you need it

    Keep track of the pen with a slant design that doesn't roll off the desk. Pair with the tether to ensure your pen is where you need it, when you need it.