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    HP 65W USB-C Slim Travel Adapter

    Manufacturer: HP
    HP Original 65W USB-C Power Adapter Charger 5V 3A , 12V 3A, 15V 4.33A 20V 3.25A Max 65W USB C Type C
    Manufacturer part number: 3PN48AA


    Do more with less
    • Connect the adapter’s USB-C cable to the USB-C port on your notebook or tablet for up to 60W of power delivery, and your phone’s USB cable to the USB-A port for 5W to power or charge it, then plug the AC head into any wall outlet.

    Take it to go
    • Pack the small, lightweight adapter inside your device’s carrying case for easy, convenient charging and power whenever you need it.


    • Input Voltage: voltage65 W
    • Output Current: < 8.0 A
    • Output Power: 65 W
    • Dimensions (D x H x W): 97 x 53.5 x 21 mm
    • Weight: 235 g