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    HP 320MK USB Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo

    Manufacturer: HP
    HP 320MK USB Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo - Black
    Manufacturer part number: 9SR36AA

    Pro-class productivity for your workspace
    Work efficiently and enhance your everyday productivity with 
    the reliable HP Wired Desktop 320MK Mouse and Keyboard.

    Designed for your comfort
    Enjoy a comfortable fit with a reduced-sized keyboard and low-profile quiet keys. The familiar 
    three-zone layout has a number pad, arrow keys, and 6° adjustable slope for your wrist position. 
    Navigate documents in either hand with a contoured mouse.

    Easy to connect and use
    Get plug and play simplicity and essential design features. Connect the keyboard and mouse to 
    any available USB ports on your laptop. The keyboard's LED indicator alerts you to locked keys 
    and the mouse wheel doubles as a third function button.

    Safe to use
    Feel good knowing you can safely clean your keyboard and mouse with everyday disinfecting 
    wipes as HP keyboards and mice have been tested up to 1,000 wipes.

    Designed with the environment in mind
    Make a purchase you can feel good about. The keyboard has more than 50% post-consumer 
    recycled plastic content, and the printed circuit boards on the keyboard and mouse are low 

    Maintain high performance
    Deploy the keyboard with confidence into industrial settings with a design that undergoes 
    improved fine dust testing versus its predecessor

    Dimensions & weight

    • 42.62 x 11.09 x 1.67 cm (keyboard)
      10.38 x 6.34 x 3.55 cm (mouse)
    • 413 g (keyboard)
      75.8 g (mouse)