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    STM Grace Pack (15") - Night Sky

    Manufacturer: STM
    It's the best of both worlds. The new Grace Pack brings order to your daily routine, and does it with flair. Keep stuff neat with a multitude of pockets, plus an innovative cable routing system that allows you to tidily connect digital devices within your pack. And do it all as you flash a distinctive feel for fashion.
    SKU: STM-111-144P--W
    Manufacturer part number: STM-111-144P-44


    The best impact protection is impact prevention. SlingTech™ protection not only pads your device it suspends it above and away from the edges of the pack keeping it isolated from the impact zone. SlingTech™ protects your stuff that matters.


    When you charge on-the-go the last thing you want is cords sticking out everywhere. The subtle ingenious CableReady™ cable-routing channel system keeps your cords conveniently stowed and out of the way even between compartments so you can power the stuff that matters.

    Additional Features

    Padded walls keep all your belongings protected from bumps
    Bright, diamond-patterned, interior fabric makes locating your things within the bag easy
    Faux fur lining keeps your laptop cozy and scratch free
    The keychain loop prevents your keys from disappearing into the depths of your bag