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    Belkin ScreenForce Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPad Pro 10.5, Air 3 & 7th Gen

    Manufacturer: Belkin
    With Screen Force Tempered Glass for iPad, it's easy to keep your screen as pristine and protected as the day you got it. Engineered to be stronger than regular glass, Tempered Glass provides resilient, hard-wearing protection for your iPad screen. Manufactured using premium Japanese glass, it retains the smooth glide and feel of the screen, and is tested extensively to deliver the brightness, sharpness and clarity you expect from your iPad.
    SKU: OVI002ZZ-WA
    Manufacturer part number: OVI002ZZ


    Tested For Scratch and Impact Protection
    Engineered from premium Japanese tempered glass, your iPad screen will always have superior impact protection and enhanced resistance from scratches and scuffs

    Compatible with Apple Pencil and Apple Cases
    With this highly responsive and perfectly precise screen protector, you can enjoy the freedom of using your Apple Pencil to seamlessly paint, draw, or take notes in a such a smooth and flawless manner, you won't even know it's there

    Visible Clarity
    We test our screen protectors to the highest optometric standards. Designed and engineered from high quality, durable Japanese glass to deliver the brightness, sharpness and detail you expect from your iPad screen

    Feels Like Your Natural Screen
    Glass composition means your finger glides smoothly over the screen protector, just like it does over your device screen. The super-thin 0.29mm glass preserves touchscreen sensitivity to respond accurately to your touch

    Easy, Precise Application
    A precisely applied screen protector provides greater protection for your iPad. For a simple and bubble-free application, just use the included Easy Align Tray to help seamlessly align your protector to your iPad screen


    • Colour: Crystal Clear
    • Material: Tempered Glass
    • Durability: Scuff Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Impact Resistant, Fingerprint Resistant
    • Features: Rounded Edge, Easy to Apply, Bubble-free, Touch Sensitive
    • Surface Hardness: 9H


    • Compatibility: iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Air 3 and iPad (7th generation)