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    DYNAMIX Horizontal Double Adaptor White

    Manufacturer: Dynamix
    DYNAMIX horizontal Double Adaptor, A1L-Left Hand, A1R- Right Hand, twin pack version, unique space saving horizontal style, white colour.
    Manufacturer part number: A1LA1R
    Availability: In stock

    The A1LA1R is a dual power board with both left and right angle adapters increasing your dual wall socket from 2 to 4 outlets. Easily and conveniently turn outlets into 6 additional socket’s with DYNAMIX powerboards.  These 10 amp, 2400W powerboards provide power where you need it most. 


    • 10 amp, 2400W
    • Angled 3 Pin Plug 
    • Ideal for Printers, Computers, Laptops, TV’’s & more