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    DYNAMIX 200m OM4 6 Core Multimode Tight Buffered Fibre Cable Roll

    Manufacturer: Dynamix
    DYNAMIX 200m OM4 6 Core Multimode Tight Buffered Fibre Cable Roll. Indoor Outdoor Rated. Black ONFR Jacket
    Manufacturer part number: F-TBOM406-200M
    Availability: In stock

    Our DYNAMIX OM4 tight-buffered indoor/outdoor fibre distribution cable contains 6 fibres of 250µm bundled under the same black OFNR outer jacket with an Aramid yarn strength as reinforcement to stiffen the cable and prevent kinking. The cable is lightweight, soft and easy to peel. It is widely used as fibre pigtails and fibre jumpers for communication equipment. This cable is 100% tested and certified. It complies with ISO/IEC 11801 OM4 specifications, IEC 60793-2-10 type A1a.2 and A1a.3 Optical Fibre specification, and TIA-EIA-492AAAC/492AAAD.


    • Tight-Buffered distribution cable
    • 850nm Laser optimized
    • OM4 50/125µm
    • Low attenuation
    • UV protected
    • High resistance to micro bending
    • Colour coded fibres
    • High strength aramid yarn strength
    • Black OFNR jacket

    Core Diameter


    Core Non-Circularity


    Cladding Diameter

    125.0 ±1.0µm

    Cladding Non-Circularity


    Coating Diameter 

    245 ±7µm


    850nm, ≤2.4dB/km

    1300nm, ≤0.6dB/km

    Overfilled Modal Bandwidth 

    850nm, ≥3500MHz/km

    1300nm, ≥500MHz/km

    Effective Modal Bandwidth 

    850nm, ≥4700MHz/km

    40 & 100 Gigabit Ethernet

    850nm, 150m


    850nm, 550m


    850nm, 1100m

    Numerical Aperture


    Group Refractive Index

    850nm, 1.485

    1300nm, 1.477

    Zero Dispersion Wavelength, λο


    Zero Dispersion Slope, S0

    1295nm≤λο≤1310nm, ≤0.105ps/(nm2/km)

    1310nm≤λο≤1340nm, ≤0.000375 (1590-λο) ps/(nm²/km)

    Macro-bending Loss
    100 Turns @37.5mm Radius

    850nm, ≤0.50dB

    1300nm, ≤0.50dB 

    Macro-bending Loss 
    2 Turns @15mm Radius

    850nm, ≤0.50dB

    1300nm, ≤0.50dB

    Step (Mean of Bidirectional



    Irregularities Over Fibre Length
    & Point Discontinuity


    Attenuation Uniformity 


    Temperature Cycling

    -60°C~85°C, ≤0.10dB/km

    Temperature Humidity Cycling

    -60°C~85°C, 4%~98% RH, ≤0.10dB/km