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    STM Dux Shell Duo Rugged Case for the 10.2" iPad (7th - 9th Gen)

    Manufacturer: STM
    STM Dux Shell Duo Rugged Case with Apple Pencil Storage for 10.2 Inch iPad (7th - 9th Gen) Here’s one rugged case designed to protect your iPad Pro, store the Pencil or Crayon, and brave the bumps of everyday life. Utilising input from educators and IT professionals, and tested to exceed U.S. Department of Defense Standard 810G drop tests, Dux Shell survives the rigours of the classroom, work, and everyday use.
    SKU: STM-222-242JU-W
    Manufacturer part number: STM-222-242JU-01


    We believe good enough isn’t good enough
    • So, we make it a point to go above and beyond—even in the way we test our products. Military standards for drop testing require that a product like Dux be able to maintain all operating functions after plummeting 26 times for a height of 4 feet. We subjected Dux to our own extreme testing at 6.6 feet. It passed. And that calls for the best drop of all…a mic drop.

    Apple Pencil Storage Banner
    • we came up with the write way to store your apple pencil
    Integrated storage discretely secures your writing tool to the case while making it easily accessible.
    *Keyboard is not included. This product is back shell case only*