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    STM Dux Plus Case for iPad Pro 12.9" (3rd Gen) - Black

    Manufacturer: STM
    STM Dux Plus Case with Pencil Storage for iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (3rd Gen) - Black Tested to exceed U.S. Mil-Spec drop tests, Dux Plus withstands the rigours of the classroom, work, and everyday use. Designed with educators’ and IT professionals’ input, the case features our patented magnetic closure, a transparent back for asset tagging or user customisation, and is brilliantly designed to simultaneously store and wirelessly charge the Apple Pencil.
    SKU: STM-222-198L--W
    Manufacturer part number: STM-222-198L-01


    We believe good enough isn’t good enough
    • So, we make it a point to go above and beyond—even in the way we test our products. Military standards for drop testing require that a product like Dux be able to maintain all operating functions after plummeting 26 times for a height of 4 feet. We subjected Dux to our own extreme testing at 6.6 feet. It passed. And that calls for the best drop of all…a mic drop.

    If you’re looking to make a case all your own, the choice is clear
    • We use completely transparent materials for our back panel that allow you to customize your device with personal images, scan a tagging barcode, or simply let the beauty of your device shine through. But there’s one more thing we want to make perfectly clear: this stylish case still provides the maximum level of protection for your digital gear.

    Apple Pencil Storage Banner
    • We came up with the write way to store your apple pencil. Integrated storage discretely secures your writing tool to the case while making it easily accessible.

    Apple Pencil Charging Banner
    • You’ll get a charge out of what we’ve done with pencil charging. Enables your writing tool to come in direct contact with the iPad Pro for efficient power refreshing.