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    STM Dux Case For 13" Macbook Air Retina (2018 to 2020) Models

    Manufacturer: STM
    Dux for MacBook Air the smarter case - first-in-class protection. If you're looking to make a case all your own, the choice is clear. We use completely transparent materials for our cover that allow you to customize your MacBook Air with personal images, scan a tagging barcode, or simply let the beauty of your device shine through. But there's one more thing we want to make perfectly clear: this stylish case still provides the maximum level of protection for your digital gear.
    SKU: STM-122-293MW-W
    Manufacturer part number: STM-122-293MW-01

    Additional features

    - Super protective polycarbonate and rubberised TPU bracket for even the most accident prone among us
    - Transparent cover to customise your MacBook Air or allow your pristine device to shine through
    - Ergonomic and form fitting design for a comfortable carry
    - Textured rubber feet prevent your laptop from sliding on smooth surfaces
    - Open hinge allows your MacBook to breathe and cool itself freely
    - Simple installation with improved TPU clip-on design