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    Belkin Dual USB-A Wall Charger 24W with Lightng Cable

    Manufacturer: Belkin
    The BoostCharge Dual USB-A Wall Charger allows you to conveniently charge two phones, power banks, or tablets at the same time. It's perfect when multiple devices need a charge and space is limited.
    Manufacturer part number: WCD001AU1MWH


    Power Up Quickly

    This charger features two USB-A ports, each offering 12 watts to charge your devices faster than a standard 5-watt charger. Simply plug the charger into a wall socket and you're ready to power up two mobile devices.

    Ready To Connect

    A 1-meter/3.3-foot USB-A to Lightning cable is included for your convenience. You can quickly and easily start charging your device, right out of the box.