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    Wonder Workshop - Dash & Dot K-5 Getting Started Guide – Challenge Cards & Curriculum Guide

    Manufacturer: Wonder Workshop
    Dash and Dot K-5 Getting Started Guide
    SKU: DW021
    Manufacturer part number: DW021

    This set includes the Dash & Dot Challenge Cards (DW011), as well as the Curriculum Guide (DW211).

    The Challenge Cards are a set of 72 cards with challenges, organised into six coding levels A through F. Each level covers two or three of the six fundamental coding concepts: sequences, loops, events, conditionals, functions, and variables.

    The set of 72 physical Challenge Cards progresses students through each coding level’s programming concepts. For each card, one side tells a story about Dash and/or Dot. The other side then provides a set of instructions that walks students through the completion of a coding challenge.

    Also included is a spiral bound curriculum guide, to help you walk through all the implementation suggestions, recommendations and best practises. Please note that the curriculum guide is in line with the American’s Computer Science Fundamental Series.

    Whether you teach to the whole group or use a rotational station model, you will find lesson plans to introduce the fundamental coding concepts, reinforce the skills with the in-app content that have step-by-step walkthroughs, and then have students practice independently using our 72 levelled Challenge Cards.

    Each Challenge Card has a story that engages your students in problem-solving to accomplish goals such as making Dash get down and boogie, helping Dash escape from the Dot monster, designing a game of Duck Duck Goose for Dot to play with friends, and more!