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    Canon F717SGA Red Scientific Calculator 242 Function

    Manufacturer: Canon
    F717SGARED: Red, 242 function scientific calculator, NZQA approved, large screen, dual power and made from 20% recycled canon materials with antibacterial coating on keys
    Manufacturer part number: F717SGARED
    Availability: In stock


    Built to last and full of features, the Scientific F717SGA calculator is the easy-to-use and environmentally friendly option for teachers, students and professionals and also approved by NZQA.

    Save battery and use it for longer with solar and automatic battery back-up for use anywhere, anytime.

    Calculate scientific operations with the dual way textbook display, featuring two types of input and display formats (Mathematic & Line).


    12 Month Return to Base Warranty


    • 242 functions
    • Random integer generator
    • Fractions and Trigonometry calculation
    • Statistical and Regression - using table input method
    • Dual-power with low battery indicator


    Total Number of Functions242
    No. of Store & Recall Memory7
    Internal Calculation DigitsUp to 18
    MathematicsCalculation Expression Direct Input
    Square, Square Root, Reciprocal
    Fraction, Fraction & Decimal Conversion
    Decimal Point Selection
    Exponential Calculation
    Logarithm, Natural Log, Antilogarithm
    Random Number Generation
    Integer Random Number Generation
    Factorials, Permutations & Combinations
    TrigonometryAngle (DEG, RAD, GRAD), DRG Conversions
    Trigonometry, Inverse Trigonometry
    Hyperbolic, Inverse Hyperbolic
    ReplayLast Digit Correction
    Last Answer Recall
    Multiple Replay
    Statistics2x 1-/2- Variable
    Mean, Standard Deviation, Sum of Value
    Maximum Value, Minimum Value
    Linear Regression
    Quadratic Regression, Exponential Regression
    Logarithmic Regression, Power Regression, Inverse Regression
    ab Exponential Regression
    Correlation Coefficient
    Regression Analysis
    Display4 Lines
    Dot Matrix
    31 x 96 Dots
    LCD Contrast Selection
    Low Battery Indicator
    PowerSolar & Battery Power Source
    CR2032 Battery
    Auto Power Off
    Dimensions (mm)171 x 86 x 18.75
    WeightApprox. 131g