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    Samsung C24F390FHE 23.5" Curved FHD Monitor

    Manufacturer: Samsung
    Discover a truly immersive viewing experience with this Samsung deeply curved monitor. Wrapping around your field of vision the 1800R screen — with its 1800mm radius of arc for greater curvature — creates a wider field of view, enhances depth perception, and minimises peripheral distractions to draw you deeper into your content.
    SKU: LC24F390FHEXX-W
    Manufacturer part number: LC24F390FHEXXY

    Eye Comfort

    1800R screen curve: the greater curvature of the 1800R screen allows your eyes to track smoothly across the entire display while maintaining a constant viewing distance.

    Advanced VA Panel Technology

    Samsung's VA panel provides minimised light leakage and deeper, more uniform blacks. The vertically aligned liquid crystals in Samsung’s VA panels block backlighting as the screen curves to minimize light leakage and deliver deeper, more uniform blacks from edge to edge.

    Beautiful Image Quality

    Samsung’s VA panel technology provides a 3000:1 contrast ratio that delivers deep blacks, brilliant whites, and rich colours for clearer, more vibrant images • Reduced light leakage: Samsung’s curved display technology minimises light leakage from the screen edges to ensure uniform blacks across the entire viewing area

    Smooth gameplay and Game Mode

    AMD FreeSync: By dynamically syncing screen refresh rate with image frame rate, AMD FreeSync minimises stutter and ensures smooth gameplay • Game Mode: Game mode instantly optimises screen colours and contrast for gaming to ensure you enjoy every scene

    Super slim curved design

    Super slim curved panel: 11.9mm profile — as slender as a ballpoint pen • Simple circular stand: a simple circular stand elegantly complements the slender curved panel

    Easy on the eyes

    Eye Saver Mode: By reducing blue light emissions — which stimulate the retina more than other colours — Eye Saver Mode reduces eye fatigue and provides a more comfortable viewing experience.

    Flicker Free: Samsung’s Flicker Free technology minimises distracting screen flicker helping you work and play for longer in greater comfort