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    Botzees Robotics - Mini - Set of 8

    Manufacturer: Botzees
    Botzees Robotics - Mini - Set of 8
    SKU: PAT8312-8
    Manufacturer part number: PAT8312-8

    This kit includes 8x Botzees Mini (PAT8312).

    Botzees Mini is a screen-free coding robot that introduces the fundamentals of programming to children ages 3 and up. Children can control the movement of the robot by placing it on a path, either on the maps provided. The robot can also follow a line drawn by the students. Command cards placed on the robot’s path control motion, sound, and appearance.

    Secondly, this robot aims to bridge that screen addiction by delivering a fun STEM learning experience that never requires any interaction with a screen. Kids can use simple printed graphics commands to learn coding basics, watch Botzees tracking lines. It execute commands like playing musical notes and solving simple math problems. The combination of 4 predesigned maps and 16 building blocks in the kit enables kids to build their own Botzees Mini figures.
    Indeed, Screen-free coding robot reduces screen time in learning and protect kids’ eye health. Simple graphics command cards help kids 3-6 years old learn coding even when they are just getting started. Open-ended line tracking play provides infinite fun and spark creativity. Building blocks in the kit make it possible for kids to customize their Botzees Mini and embark on a new adventure!

    Finally, Equipped with easy-to-follow graphics command cards. Botzees Mini enables kids to quickly grasp the meaning of each commands, learn coding, and develop problem-solving skills. The camera under the device helps achieve its line tracking function with visual recognition technology. The integral BLOKS’s product system, especially designed for kids under 6 years old, together with multiple fun LED emojis makes it open-ended to spark kids’ infinite imagination and enrich their fantasy coding adventure!