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    Botzees Colour Sensor Add-On Kit

    Manufacturer: Botzees
    Botzees Colour Sensor Add-On Kit
    SKU: PAT83106
    Manufacturer part number: PAT83106

    Botzees Color Sensor Kit is an add-on pack for Botzees – Building Blocks Robot (PAT83101) that comes with a color sensor. The package contains: 109 pieces, 5 set of stickers, 1 map. Note: The  Botzees – Building Blocks Robot (PAT83101) is not included in this kit.

    With the previous Botzees package, children can build and program the dinosaurs to walk following the line on the pre-designed map and recognise different colors and move or turn accordingly.

    To make it fun, you can also build them using the blocks, the main control and the sensor from the previous Botzees package you already have to unlock more fun ways to play.