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    Acer Lamp for H6517ST / H6517BD Projector

    Manufacturer: Acer
    Acer H6517BD / H6517ST / S1283E / S1283HNE / S1383WHNE Lamp MC.JK211.00K equivalent MC.JK211.00B
    Manufacturer part number: MC.JK211.00K-A05
    Availability: In stock


    Replacement Lamps for Acer H6517BD / H6517ST / S1283E / S1283HNE / S1383WHNE Projectors.


    3 Month Return to Base Warranty


    Tips on proper lamp care:

    1. Do not handle lamp without gloves. Oil from hands and fingers can result in premature lamp failure.
    2. Keep projector air filters clean. Overheating can cause lamp failure.
    3. Hot lamps are very fragile. Shock and vibration applied to hot lamps can break them.
    4. Do not turn projector on and off too frequently.
    5. Some projectors offer "low lamp" or "economy mode" options. Use these whenever possible.