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    About us

    Our vision and passion make us the technology partners you can trust.

    Cyclone have been at the leading edge of government IT procurement and managed support services for years.

    Our experience and expertise will work closely with agency teams to ensure that they are up to date with modern best practice. With our finger on the pulse of technology trends, we handle All of Government (AoG)  IT procurement, planning and implementing solutions that deliver now and in to the future. Smarter, more secure infrastructure along with workforce training and dedicated support are key to constant improvements.

    We’re a New Zealand company invested in the future success of our country. We understand budget challenges and how to achieve better outcomes for everyone, cost-effectively.

    Technology has transformed our lives for the better. And the future promises even more for schools, universities, businesses and government. But it can be hard to keep up and forecast what comes next.

    We stay switched-on to the latest trends, to keep your tech and people future-ready. We’re the human face of technology. Kiwis helping Kiwis with a friendly smile, valuable insights and the support every customer needs, anytime.

    Cyclone is a New Zealand privately owned company with staff in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill. We employ over 140 staff including ICT specialists, engineers and professional learning advisors.

    Cyclone is the managed IT services and procurement partner you can trust for future-ready projects.