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    Belkin 8 Way Surge Board with 2 x USB Ports (2.4A)

    Manufacturer: Belkin
    8x AC Outlets, 2x USB Charging (2.4A Total), 2m Cord
    Manufacturer part number: BSV804AU2M
    Availability: In stock

    Voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes can damage and degrade the overall performance of your computer and peripherals.

    The Belkin 8 Outlet Surge Strip with 2.4A USB Charging offers extra outlets, power extension from wall outlets and protects valuable electronics from damaging power surges. This power surge protector safeguards your personal computer, printer, hard drives, modems and other hard-to-replace equipment against damage, data loss, file corruption, and system crashes.

    • Installing a surge protector gives you peace of mind
    • 8 x AC Power receptacles protects your devices from electric power surges and spikes
    • Give your devices maximum protection with 900 J energy rating
    • Easily connect to a wall outlet with 2 m cord