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    Verbatim 50 pk DVD-R 4.7GB GLD Archival Grade

    Manufacturer: Verbatim
    50 pk DVD-R 4.7GB Gold Archival Grade 8x SP HC
    Manufacturer part number: 95355
    Availability: In stock

    Looking for long-term DVD archival capability without sacrificing compatibility? Verbatim UltraLifeā„¢ Gold DVD-R is the answer. Using proprietary dual-reflective layers, these discs are designed to last up to 100 years when properly stored. Verbatim's proprietary dual-reflective layer technology is comprised of a silver layer for compatibility and a gold layer for long archival life. The highly-reflective silver layer allows the disc to appear as a standard silver DVD-R to drives and recorders, while the gold layer prevents oxygen from corroding the silver reflective layer. Silver oxidation is a primary factor limiting the lifetime of standard DVD media.

    • DVD recordable media is good for collective storage of music, video, information, and large archival files
    • The 4.70 GB disc provides you with enough space for documents, video, music, files and more