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    Provident 3 Year Extended Warranty (12+24) $200 - $1250 incl. GST

    Manufacturer: Provident Insurance
    3yr Provident Extend Wty (12+24) $200 - $1250 incl. GST
    SKU: SSWTYP12241250-
    Manufacturer part number: SSWTYP1224-1250

    Provident Insurance Extended Warranty. New Zealand cover only.

    • Based on manufacturers original 12 month warranty + an additional 24 months cover.
    • This option covers a device for an additional 24 months, with a total sale price (inc GST) in NZD, between $200 to $1250 range.
    • To be purchased with device.
    • Phone support not included.

    Click here for more information and full policy wording.